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In 6 Weeks I Will Walk You Through The Process of Extracting Your Knowledge, Building Your Funnels, Then Marketing & Launching Your First Workshop or Mastermind Event!
Everything Begins in The Mind!
This 6 week workshop is $897
What you get:
1) Work One on One with me
2) 1 year access to my funnels (your website)
3) Entrance into my year long mastermind group
4) Create, build and launch your first workshop or mastermind
  • This implementation workshop IS for you if you want to start or grow your business.
  • If you have a Specialized Knowledge a Message or a Skill this workshop IS perfect for you.
  • This Course IS NOT for those who are: 1) going to merely dabble 2) going to make excuses for not having success 
  • Lastly, if you are excited to get massive results for yourself and your perfect clients THIS IS where you need to be!
"Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can't -- You're Right."
 -Henry Ford
You will leave this course with: 
1) multiple must do ideas
2) an unbreakable confidence in your ability to create, market & launch any workshop, group or mastermind!
Why Is Now The Greatest Time Ever To Join?
Learning Online Is The New Norm...
Over the last 20 years the Knowledge Industry has become an undeniable presence in everyone's life for good or for worse. As Napoleon Hill put it 100 years "it is our opportunity to develop and market our talents." 

Forbes also projects the Knowledge Industry to grow from where it is today at 350 million dollars/day to over 2 billion dollars a day by 2025.
Stay Calm During Economic Uncertainties...
Whether its the current pandemic we are all experiencing, getting laid off your job, or any other host of surprises... when building a business in the knowledge industry the sky is the limit. 

Not only can you implement any 1) specialized knowledge you have, 2) an rough experience or 3) a gift or talent,... but 4) you can partner up with other friends or acquaintances to provide an even more unique experience to your potential customers.
Have Fun Doing What Energizes You...
Doing those things that bring fulfillment in your life that makes you excited to wake up in the morning and being able to serve others, will all create greater meaning and satisfaction!
Upfront Cost Too Much?
Join my 50/50 program
How it works...
Your first 3 events we split the profit 50/50
Then once you get rolling its all you funnels and all for 6 mths

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